Packman Lemon Head(Sativa)


Packman Lemon Head

Get ready for your next session with Packman Disposable! Enjoy the bright, refreshing lemon flavor of Lemonhead OG by Royal Choice Farms and jeeter juice carts and feel the clean, zesty terpenes take you on a journey of uplifting euphoria! As you experience complete relaxation, along with smiles and laughter, let Packman Disposable help you stay peppy yet calm. Get your pack today and enjoy the ride!

Effects: happy, euphoric, head-high, elevating, warm and fuzzy, stimulating, focus. Relieves/treats: pain, depression, lethargic,

Taste: cramps, loss of appetite.

Flavor: lemon, pine, tangy, citrus, gas, sweet, zestful, light eucalyptus and spice.